We offer a wide range of services designed to facilitate the financial,
social, and sustainable development of businesses and non-profit organizations.

Business Innovation

How does my company become future-proof socially or sustainably?

RBD guides those companies who strive to move with the times, by providing strategic advice and creative solutions and helping them transform abstract concepts like social responsibility and sustainability into ‘business as usual.

Financial Sustainability

How do I ensure that my charitable organization lasts?

RBD assists non-profits in planning their financial future, to ensure they can continue their good work and stand on their own two feet economically. We supply consulting services to increase funding or develop sustainable business models that prioritize financial self-reliance.

Marketing & Communication

My company is already proudly responsible, but how do I show it?

Many of today’s companies already take their staff’s well-being, as well as that of the society their products or services affect, into account naturally. RBD loves to showcase responsible ideals and can help you shine a light on these efforts through strategic branding and communication consulting.

Research & Analysis

How socially or sustainably responsible are we exactly?

RBD has tools in place to analyze and evaluate the extent of your social or sustainable output. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is often the first step in evolving your company into a fully accountable business. We measure your current impact and advise you on ways you can maximize it. 

Development & Implementation

I want to turn my ideal financial, social or sustainable strategy into reality.

RBD’s extensive network of professionals from mixed African and European backgrounds is at your service to create responsible programs, set up collaborative projects, and lay the foundation for your desired outcome, whether financial or sustainable. By hiring us, you will automatically be a part of a social philosophy that stimulates the employment of diverse, internationally qualified talent.

Network Building

I want to turn my ideal financial, social or sustainable strategy into reality.

After over a decade of implementing solutions for both local and global businesses and nonprofits, along with many private initiatives nurtured by our vision, our capability to the network has reached peak value. We readily share our resources to those wishing to expand internationally, relocate their business, or initiate projects through our multi-disciplinary team of professionals.

Social Entrepreneurship

I want to create a startup or business venture that reflects my responsible goals.

RBD provides entrepreneurs with the people and tools to build their socially responsible enterprise from the ground up. This service spans from creative concepting, in case you still need a business idea, to the strategic development of your new social endeavor.

Reputation Management

I want my company to reflect and communicate its social or sustainable values.

RBD likes nothing more than a company that already leaves a responsible footprint wherever they go. For those to whom social and sustainable values come naturally, it is often difficult to proudly boast about this vital element of their identity. Leave it to us to spread help you spread the word, so you can be an example for others to be inspired.

Leadership Training

How do I, or my staff, learn how to inspire and be a dependable leader?

Leading a modern-day business means adapting continuously to an ever-changing world. We train people to be decisive, flexible, and confident in their management skills and show you how to evolve as fast as the business world does.

Creating a Social Mindset

I want social and sustainable responsibility to be an intrinsic part of my team’s daily mindset.

RBD has set up several training programs to coach employees and put accountability top-of-mind structurally. This includes cross-cultural sensitivity, societal impact and sustainable awareness, and will ensure their work never fails to implicate a positive influence on the world.

Personal Development

I need each individual member of my team to reach their full potential.

Besides the specialty skills used to provide quality work, personal training is necessary to improve on soft skills and develop as a confident team player, motivated employee and problem-solver. Our expert training programs connect professionals to mentors who inspire and teach them how to be their best selves.